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    Saving wildlife habitats for your Valentine

    Celebrate the hornbills of Kinabatangan with a Valentine’s Day gift donation to World Land Trust’s Borneo Rainforest Appeal. 

    Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary is the subject of the Borneo Rainforest Appeal and home to eight species of hornbill. The birds generally mate for life and form strong pair bonds, making them an ideal symbol for Valentine’s Day.  

    The hornbills of Kinabatangan rely on the forest’s trees for food and nest sites. This means that by protecting Borneo’s forests, we are increasing the hornbills’ chances of survival.  

    Your Valentine’s gift donation will make a real difference, so please show you care.  

    The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think ofp>

    Sir David Attenborough, Patron, World Land Trust